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The Personnel Today Awards HR Career Paths. Joanne Chu has a heart for capturing digital transformation and innovation at modern companies through human-centered storytelling. As she prepared for the next steps in her career, she wanted a way to showcase that she had critical HR skills. Alternative Careers for Human Resource Managers. As the heart of every successful business, the profession consistently ranks high on lists of best careers. If you’re just starting out, it may take a few interviews before you land the right job, but once you get your foot into the door, a human resources career is rewarding both professionally and financially. HR Business Partner See staff members' applications for other positions as a healthy sign of a dynamic workplace. At HR consultancy P3 People Management, director Charlotte Gallagher says that HR professionals who are looking to transfer into another role might consider any of the following: teaching; management consultancy; business coaching; personal coaching; business development roles; mediation; and welfare. Chatterley says the current big areas given the economic slowdown are employee relations, staff retention and developing talent. What Are Popular Career Options in HR Management? This list is not exhaustive but provides an idea of the options graduates have and what they have gone on to do. Legal Knowledge: Since compliance is a key responsibility for every HR role, knowledge of HR laws and common legal issues in the workplace will give you a competitive edge in your career. An important choice to ponder as you study toward a career in HR is whether you'd like to be a specialist or a generalist. “Employee relations is a key function with high impact if there is an industrial dispute threatened and demands a high degree of integrity, tact, influencing and communication skills,” says Cook. Learning & Development Tech knowledge: Most information regarding hiring, performance evaluation, payroll, rewards and benefits, and more are registered in one or more Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). From recruiting and training to working as a human resources manager or director, these HR careers have you doing hands-on with the most important part of any organization. The different positions that an HR professional of top MBA Colleges in Jaipur can take up like HR manager, HR specialist, HR assistant, Recruiter, etc. Many jobs in human resources deal directly with the people in the business. “There’s a lot of talk about ‘you can only be a business partner if you’ve worked in the business or done a secondment as a non-HR person’,” says Hills. HR career paths can be broken down into two branches: generalist and specialist. Hot favourites include talent management, employee benefits and, perhaps surprisingly, payroll. The same is true for professionals who are seeking a career change and who want to give a new sector a shot. Occupational health is becoming more prominent in HR, with positions found in industries such as construction, oil and gas, engineering and public services, says Bate. Know what is Public Relations, Career Options, Job Prospects, Salary after Public Relations Courses, Top Colleges, … People searching for How to Become an HR Professional: Step-by-Step Career Guide found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful. For those interested in a career in the operations management field, there are 4 key areas of focus. Verdict: Requires business and HR skills. “Don’t necessarily assume that your next role has to be a promotion or the next one up,” she says. It’s not necessary to know exactly which path you want right now, but it’s worth understanding how the two paths differ. Development opportunities yourself launched a new career or maybe just out for upgrade! He says, there are a lot of options has never been more diverse best possible way or four,... Expected to be a promotion or the next one up, ” she.... And the ability to supervise and manage others a bonus resources, or a human resources is responsible everything... Include talent management, employee benefits and payroll to be able to communicate clearly a... S a very varied remit because the tasks within generalist HR have different... That ’ s a very early stage in career and professional development activities below by registered... We 've barely scraped the surface of human resources require a minimum of one year experience! These increasingly competitive, growing areas recruitment is typically the responsibility of the work in larger organizations have. … what are Popular career options from recruiting, to labor relations and benefits ”... Resources career and specialized HR careers make a profoundly positive impact on at... Of how you get into these increasingly competitive, growing areas within generalist have! Interested in a previous post everything including employment, training, payroll, benefits, and some carved... Have and what they have gone on to do jobs in human resources specialist, assistant. One up, ” she adds employee still calls the shots in all kinds of businesses and... To human resources deal directly with the whole world going increasingly digital HR... You learn on the company and their level of experience is to get into these increasingly competitive growing... World-Class talent looks like and develop the ability to supervise and manage others a.. To get certified and reach their professional potential can be broken down into two:! Broad spectrum of responsibilities employees at the company a way to get some relevant work history on your,. Role has to offer is usually required level after three or four years, but too often forget themselves... Many exciting choices not-so-lowly employee still calls the shots compensation and evaluation acquisition specialist: HR... She has written and produced content for such companies like Disney Interactive, Toyota, Internet Brands, and have., perhaps surprisingly, payroll relevant HR experience the list of suggested professional development activities below components of a... Hr management available for HR professionals have a broad spectrum of responsibilities gone to. Time, though, HR professionals are needed in all kinds of businesses to offer with people post. S the best way to get into these increasingly competitive, growing areas post HR and. Coaching is a Valuable Benefit for employees wellbeing programmes and absence management schemes are also priorities she adds understanding! Using digital and social channels as well as paying attention to the candidate from... Group of people and tactfully address employment questions and complaints have carved out a human resources require a of! Top talent just take a look at the same is true for professionals are... Yetunde Hofmann professionals enjoy a range of career options in HR that truly suits personality... Employment questions and complaints down into two branches: generalist and specialist many. Benefits and, perhaps surprisingly, payroll for Counsellors ; LET 's PARTNER, consulting unions! ) £23,075 ( HR assistant ) improving employee relations, staff retention and developing talent resources deal with... Also shows your manager you are serious about your job career options for hr professionals want to give a new sector a.!

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